PDP (Petroleum Driver Passport)

PDP (Petroleum Driver Passport)

What is PDP (Petroleum Driver Passport)

It is an industry initiative backed by Government to ensure all tanker drivers in the UK are trained to a consistent, high standard. It has been developed for all road tanker drivers who are loading, transporting & offloading petroleum fuel products in road tankers in the UK who are measured via classroom and practical assessments.

For terminal operators, this provides a level of confidence that tanker drivers holding a valid PDP who enter the terminal boundary to load products have achieved and demonstrated a minimum level of competency.

The Passport is a 5 year cycle with annual ‘refresher’ training required every year.

PDP came into effect in January 2015.

Who requires PDP?

PDP applies to drivers who load, transport & offload the following products:

  • UN 1202 Gas oil, diesel fuel or heating oil, light
  • UN 1203 Gasoline, petrol or motor spirit
  • UN 1223 Kerosene
  • UN 1863 Fuel, aviation, turbine engines

How to book

Due to the many factors involved in PDP, we recommend that you ring the office who will be able to assist further.

For further information, take a look at http://www.pdpassport.com/