ADR Course Dates


ADR Course Dates

Below is a list of the ADR Initial and Refresher open courses we have scheduled in our diary.

As well as the open courses below we also have additional dates available for people wishing to book specific dates. For more information please Contact Us.

We update our website regularly, but if you have specific training dates in mind that are not listed below please Contact Us and we will endeavour to help.

ADR Initial

ADR Refresher

W/C 04/02/2019

W/C 28/01/2019

W/C 18/03/2019

W/C 11/03/2019

W/C 13/05/2019

W/C 29/04/2019

W/C 24/06/2019

W/C 17/06/2019

W/C 05/08/2019

W/C 29/09/2019

W/C 16/09/2019

W/C 21/10/2019

W/C 28/10/2019

W/C 02/12/2019